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In conjunction with and, Justin is offering an introductory special of a one hour lesson for $100 ($30 off the normal rate). To take advantage of this special offer, use the couponcode “Hicksgolf” when emailing ( or calling ((858) 254-0889) Justin to sign up for your first lesson. If you would like to sign up online for a lesson, you can do so by clicking here. Just remember to mention coupon code “Hicksgolf” when you arrive for your first lesson.

What to Expect from Your First Lesson

First time students should make their initial lesson for an hour. In the first lesson, we will spend the first 10-15 minutes finding out more about your golf background and what you are hoping to accomplish with lessons. This interview is vital to creating a program that will enable you to reach your goals. After the interview is completed, you will start by doing a few pitch shots with your sand wedge and gradually work through the bag to the longer clubs. I will ask you to grade each shot (very good, good, average, poor, and terrible) so that I may get a better idea of what your typical shots are as well as your expectations. After watching enough shots to get a sense of your typical ball flight and expectations, we will watch your swing on video and discuss what is currently happening. Often time’s golfers will have a misconception of what happens in the swing (head down, swing slower, club swings straight back and through) and that misconception is mainly responsible for their current ball flight. Quite frequently, once the golfer receives the correct information an immediate improvement in the swing and ball flight happens.

I will go over why the ball is currently doing what it is and more importantly what can be done to create your desired ball flight. A typical conversation might go something like this “the reason the ball is curving to the right is because the clubface is open at impact. A weak grip and overly steep downswing are contributing to this clubface position. To make the clubface more square at impact, we need to create a stronger grip and feel that the clubs swings more around and less up and down”. I would then use video to show you the differences between their grip and swing that is creating a slice and a professional’s swing that creates our desired ball flight.


  • Mark Noah Mark Noah
  • Mark Mathiesen Mark Mathiesen
  • Joe Ninosky Joe Ninosky
  • Travis Guthrie Travis Guthrie
  • Jeff Crosby Jeff Crosby
  • Jim Nalls Jim Nalls
  • Katie Pasterkiewicz Katie Pasterkiewicz
  • Serina Bhakta Serina Bhakta
  • Bill Chapman Bill Chapman
  • Chris Olson Chris Olson
  • David Cavanaugh David Cavanaugh
  • Mark Whritner Mark Whritner
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